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laminitis  Laminitis

Lameness Exam

The diagnosis and treatment of lameness is a critical part of equine veterinary practice. As a horse owner, developing familiarity with the lameness examination and diagnostic workup helps you understand and evaluate information Dr. Collatos may present to you concerning your horse’s lameness. You will be better equipped to make the best decision for your horse concerning further diagnostics and treatment options the more you feel comfortable with the process of diagnosing equine lameness.

Here are a few questions:

If your horse is lame in the right hind leg, and he is being observed at a trot, when his left front foot is on the ground will his head be abnormally high or abnormally low? Why?

What anatomical structure on your horse corresponds to your wrist?

When your horse begins to canter from a walk on the left lead, which of her feet is the first to leave the ground?

You may be interested in the AAEP article on Recognizing the signs of laminitis. If so click here.

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Lameness exam

Lameness exam    lameness exam

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