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Dr. Collatos periodically writes an article to keep her clients informed about common medical concerns. In addition, the American Association of Equine Practitioners provides client education articles. We keep all of the articles here for quick convenient access to the information you need. If you would like to suggest a topic, email your ideas to:

Articles by
Chrysann Collatos VMD PhD DipACVIM

The Foaling Process

Smoke and Our Horses

Balance and Performance

Understanding Influenza

Client Communication

Colic What You Can Do

Frustrating Summer Sores

Harmful Dentistry

Learn from the Brumbies

Impaction Colic: Winter Hazard

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Spring Hormonal Confusion

Some Advice on Drying Out

Cold Weather Care

Sand Colic

Foaling and Late Gestation Mare Care

Keeping Costs Down in the Difficult Economy

The Impact of Nutrition on Dental Health

Stem Cell Research

Foot Balance and Performance

Interstate Travel Regulations

Colic Thinking Ahead

Acupuncture & Physical Therapy

Your Mare and Spring Transition

Vaccination Clinic Schedule

Equine Dentistry: Why? When? How?

TCVM - Are you a Believer?

Healing with Honey

Smoke and your Horse

Healing Heartbreak

West Nile Virus

Articles courtesy of AAEP

Help your Foal Grow with Proper Nutrition

10 tips for Weight Reduction

10 tips for caring for the Older Horse

Learn to Recognize the Signs of Laminitis

Reduce your horse's risk of Gastric Ulcers

Wage War on Equine Parasites


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