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This year we upgraded our digital xray system and purchased a new, state of the art ultrasound machine. These tools are completely portable, and allow Dr. C to obtain stallside images of your horse’s soft tissue and boney structures that match the quality of in hospital equipment. Our new ultrasound is extremely powerful, making it possible to evaluate deep abdominal and thoracic organs, which can be of critical value in assessing your horse during colic and respiratory emergencies. Consultation and assessment for complex lameness referrals are expedited by sending diagnostic images electronically to specialists.

Dr. Chrysann is a new member of the American Endurance Ride Conference Veterinary Committee where she will sit through 2015. Ensuring the safety and well being of endurance racing horses and the education of riders and veterinarians are the primary goals of this committee. As a large animal diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine with a doctoral degree in physiology, Dr. C is excited about combining her advanced training with new knowledge of exercise physiology and conditioning for the benefit of endurance horses.

Amanda Presing joined us this winter from New Jersey. Amanda has been a veterinary technician for 10 years, and is an avid equestrian enthusiast. When she isn’t helping Dr. C she enjoys riding her reining horse Sklyer, a leopard appaloosa, or preparing for her upcoming wedding!

Hayley is finishing her first year of vet school in Utah, Jessie is heading to Littleton, Colorado for her vet tech internship, and Jessica will be applying to vet school this year.




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